Anulios: Coming Soon....

Anulios:  a New Index of Possibilities

Anulios: A New Index of Possibilities

Anulios is a proposed online cultural review published in Barcelona, Spain. We are a small collective of artists, writers and thinkers who aim to produce a high-quality journal dealing primarily with art, parapolitics, religious and paranormal topics with a focus on 60s/70s counterculture, paratheology (Islamic and Christian primarily), magic/occult/paranormal/Fortean issues, new fiction, art and photography.

We will be launching in October 2013 but meanwhile we can be contacted for further info at the links above. If you want to work with us or showcase your creativity we would especially like to hear from:

You may contact us via the email above or else at our Facebook page or Twitter. Alternatively sign up for our email newsletter below.

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